Notice to Homeowners and Area Realtors

The Meadowbrook Homeowners Association asks for your cooperation when holding an Open House. In an effort to keep Meadowbrook beautiful, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Directional real estate signs can only be posted for Open Houses. Directional signs that advertise a home for sale are not allowed.
  • Directional signs for Open Houses may be placed in the neighborhood beginning at noon the Friday before the Open House and must be removed as soon as the Open House is over on Sunday.
  • Please do not put balloons or any other “eye catching” items on the street signs. You may place such items on your directional signs.
  • As a courtesy, please get the permission of the homeowner to place a directional sign in their yard.

**The MBHO reserves the right to take up any real estate and/or directional signs once the Open House is over on Sunday and signs that are not in compliance with covenants.