About the Beautification Award

The MB HOA Board of Trustees periodically recognizes homeowners who have “gone the extra mile” maintaining their home and landscaping to enhance the beauty of the neighborhood. The Award was first presented in July 2004, and with our residents’ help can be presented up to four times each year.


Anyone may make a nomination through the website or by contacting a board member. Overall curb appeal is the primary appeal, but the Board also considers the following criteria:

  • Appearance of lawn, garden and natural area. Is the lawn well manicured? Are the shrubs, flowers, and/or natural areas appropriately presented and maintained? Is there good planning in both front, side and back yard areas?
  • Appearance of the home. Is the home in good to excellent repair? This includes the condition of the painted areas (or siding), brick or stone or other materials, roof, gutters, shutters, doors, and sidewalks.
  • Award recipients must be current members of the HOA.

The award recipient is presented a $50 gift card from a local merchant, and the Board of Trustees places a sign for the award period in the recipient’s yard.


Beautification Award Schedule


Spring award
Summer award
Fall award
Holiday lights award

Nominations Accepted

March 14 thru April 15
May 30 thru June 24
August 27 thru October 1
Thanksgiving thru Dec 20



Congratulations to our FalL 2022 mbhoa Beautification award recipients…

Larry and Jan Anderson of 5049 Meadow Brook Road


Congratulations to Larry and Jan Anderson at 5049 Meadow Brook Road, our fall 2022 winners of the neighborhood beautification award!! Meadow Brook Homeowners Association provides a $100 check and recognition for the best yards (as selectively seen by our board).  If you would like to nominate a yard for consideration, please email us at info@mbho.org.

Our next award will be given out in December for best yard display!  Congratulations again Larry and Jan!


summer 2020

Claude and Joy Wood from 4952 Meadow Brook Road!



Summer 2019

Keith and Myra Wooten from 3715 Keswick Circle!



  Summer Craig and Denise Blair of 4985 Meadowbrook Road
  Summer Martin Todd of 5397 Harvest Ridge Lane
  Summer Stewart and Dorothy Lee of 3629 Cumberland Trace
  Holiday Lamar and Donna Peacock
  Fall Floyd Hendrix of 5390 Harvest Ridge Lane
  Fall The Goldens of 5302 Harvest Ridge Lane
  Spring The Maniscalcos of 3545 Cheshire Drive
  Fall Charles and Patricia Carbonie
  Spring Bruce and Debra Shelton
  Fall Mike Burgess
  Fall Robert and Linda Hall
  Spring Jeff and Paula Butler
  Summer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hamm